Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SquareDash?

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, SquareDash is a veteran-owned financial services company providing cash flow management solutions for roofing and restoration companies. It is a fast, fully digital, & easy to use proprietary fintech platform that aims to solve the cash flow crisis for the contractors around the U.S. who deal with insurance claims.

Why choose SquareDash?

If you’re a contractor whose work is frequently paid through insurance claims, you work in a fundamentally broken system. You've got to cover the massive costs at the beginning of a job, but it often takes 60 days (or longer) to get paid. A roof replacement & its repairs aren't cheap – the cost is hard on any bank account, and you don't have the time to wait for insurance company payouts.

SquareDash allows contractors to streamline accounting and collection processes and  create a predictable revenue timeline without playing the guessing game of when you’ll be paid on insurance claims.

Contractor's FAQ

How can SquareDash help roofing businesses grow?

SquareDash shortens the time it takes to get paid on insurance jobs from 60+ days to receiving the ACV check before you start work and the Depreciation within 2 days of job completion.

How long does it take to get paid?

Payment Advances are deposited within 2 business days (on average) after:
1. Deductible is received + acv/invoice 1 approval
2. Depreciation/invoice 2 approval

Property owner credit card payments are deposited in 2 days (on average)

Property owner ACH payments are deposited within a week (on average)

Does SquareDash charge additional fees for electronic payment processing on invoices?

- No, our 5% fee includes electronic payment processing
Property owners are allowed to make deductible payments via credit card or ACH
- ACV and Depreciation payments must be made via ACH transfer

Who is responsible for paying back the payment advances? The contractor or the property owner?

Think of SquareDash as your property owner payments processor.

After the contractor uploads an approved scope of loss into the  SquareDash portal, we turn that into a digital invoice for you to send to your property owner, just like sending an invoice from Quickbooks.

The payment link is branded as your company, so the property owner knows they're paying you.

Where SquareDash adds the most value to roofing contractors is when we purchase the receivable from you by sending you two payment advances.
- One for the ACV check after the property owner pays their deductible, and
- One for the depreciation once the job is completed.

Contractors have 90 days for the property owner to receive the insurance checks and make their payments using the SquareDash payment link.

As those payments pass through, if there's an open advance balance on the claim, we capture the funds and pay the advance off automatically.

If the property owner does not pay the invoice (thereby clearing the liability for any of the contractor's payment advances) within 90 days, the contractor will have to repurchase the receivable.

How does SquareDash communicate with my property owners?

Typically, SquareDash does not communicate with property owners. We are back office finance and operations partner for roofing contractors.

Each contractor’s operations team will initiate and control the cadence and final content for all property owner-facing documents and correspondence.

And everything that goes out from the SquareDash system is branded with the contractor's name and/or logo.

Questions about SquareDash

When did SquareDash launch?

Private beta launched November 2022. Public soft launch happened in March 2023.

When did SquareDash start?

Matt Fruge, the founder, began running a roofing company in Dallas-Fort Worth in 2010. He started working on the SquareDash funding platform in 2019.

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