Hello, cash flow.

SquareDash is the fastest way for roofers and restoration contractors to get paid on insurance claims. 

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Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Your job expenses—like commissions, materials, and labor—are front-loaded. But you’re often waiting 60 days or even longer to get paid by insurance companies. That can create a crisis for even the most successful companies, draining your cash or forcing you to take on expensive debt to keep the lights on.

Get up to $100,000 instantly when you upload an approved insurance claim. 

Stop chasing checks and start generating more revenue.

Never be the bank for an insurance company again.

Two ways we help.

Billing Services

Our specialists in insurance billing processes and procedures interface with property owners, insurance companies, and mortgage companies on your behalf. 


Claim Funding

Stop letting insurance companies use you like a bank. Upload an approved insurance claim when the work is complete and get money in the bank within a few business days.


It's compatible for contractors who use third-party and in-house supplementing.

Why partner with SquareDash?

Boost Cash Flow

Maintain the cash you need to stay ahead of your expenses and start new jobs sooner. 

Focus Your Team On Creating Value

Free up your team to generate new revenue instead of chasing the money you’ve already earned.

Access Billing Expertise

Let our expert team handle the complexity of dealing with insurance companies. 

"SquareDash has allowed us to streamline our entire accounting and collection process, so we have a predictable revenue timeline and no longer play the guessing game of when we’ll be paid on insurance claims. No more waiting on mortgage companies. No more driving around collecting checks. We just do the work and we get paid."

Mike Overzat | CEO

Luck Roofing

“On claims, the sales cycle can sometimes be 3-5 months. With SquareDash, it's 7-10 days. This changes everything.”

Leo Curvelo

CEO at Curvelo Restorations

Over 100 Years of Experience in Roofing and Restoration

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Compatible with all insurance carriers. 

Are we a good fit for you? 

We’re not trying to be all things to all people. We’re a good fit for your business if you:

Do 10+ installations a month
Have one or more admins
Use CRM and accounting tools

Let’s Talk About Your Business. 

Book your 30-minute consultation, and we’ll show you how our platform can drastically improve your cash flow. Plus, when you complete a brief company overview, we’ll waive the set-up free when you become a customer. A $499 value!
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