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The payment advance system for roofers

No more waiting to start jobs
No more chasing checks
No more negative cash flow

Compatible with most accepted insurance companies

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Get your receivables out of limbo and into your business. Request and receive cash with SquareDash.


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Upload approved insurance claims


Start more jobs this month with positive cash flow


See cash advance limits in real-time with instant approval


Get paid-in-full automatically when your work is complete


Get partial payment up front before you start working

Get paid for the work you do, as you’re doing it.


Get paid instantly with claim funding

Funding services tailored for insurance claims.


Invoice for partial job completion

Payment for one step before you move on to the next.


Save time by collecting payments online

No time wasted mailing checks or traveling to pick them up.

Positive cashflow means positive attitudes.


No more stressing over late payments

Quicker turnaround time with digital insurance claims.


Pay vendors and employees in real-time

Keep yourself, your workers, and your vendors happy.


Rely on predictable cash flow

Know your financial future to schedule accordingly.

If your finances are streamlined, your business will follow.

Our results

Less driving per job to pickup checks
More jobs started each month
Faster sales hiring cycle

"SquareDash has allowed us to streamline our entire accounting and collection process, so we have a predictable revenue timeline and no longer play the guessing game of when we’ll be paid on insurance claims. No more waiting on mortgage companies. No more driving around collecting checks. We just do the work and we get paid."

Mike O.

Roofing Contractor

Insurance Claim Payment Advances

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