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How does SquareDash help contractors grow?

Contractors whose work is frequently paid through insurance claims operate in a fundamentally broken system. They’ve got to cover the massive costs at the beginning of a job, but it often takes 60 days (or longer) to get paid. These costs are hard on any bank account, and can be crippling to contractors trying to meet the community demand after natural disasters strike.

SquareDash streamlines the accounting and collection process, creating a predictable revenue timeline without playing the guessing game of when insurance claim payments will arrive. So contractors can grow fast, with confidence.

Why partner with SquareDash?

Earn compounding monthly residuals when one of your referrals start using SquareDash to get paid instantly on claims!

ideal partners

Who do we want to work with?

We’re interested in forming partnerships with companies or individuals who can introduce us to roofing and restoration contractors whose cash flow is constrained by the slow insurance claim payments process.Examples of great referral partners:

  • Insurance Brokers
  • Supplement management companies
  • Public adjusters
  • Existing SquareDash customers
  • Industry consultants
  • Industry employees

SquareDash is based in Forth Worth, Texas. Our contractors and referral partners are based anywhere in the United State of America.