February 2, 2024
9 min read

More Sales Won’t Save Your Roofing Company; Wait, what?

Matt Fruge
Founder and CEO

Yep, you heard that right! Today, we want to shed light on a crucial aspect that often gets overlooked: the misconception that sales and marketing alone can ensure the success of your roofing company.

While sales and marketing are undeniably important for generating leads and driving growth, they are just one piece of the puzzle. After more than 15 years as a roofing business owner in Dallas-Fort Worth, I understand the challenges you face and want to share essential factors that contribute to the long-term sustainability that create a successful roofing or restoration business.

In this blog post, we will delve into four key elements that go hand in hand with sales and marketing to create a thriving roofing business: quality workmanship, customer service, efficient business operations, and financial management.

Quality Workmanship: A Solid Foundation For a Successful Roofing Business

As a roofing business owner, imagine you have top-notch sales and marketing strategies that bring in leads left and right, but if your workmanship measures up, you will get very far. We've all seen those infamous "Which idiot did this?" posts on social media showcasing poorly executed roofing repairs or replacements. Homeowners will share these experiences, tarnishing your roofing business's reputation and hindering any new business growth.

The problem in our industry is that sometimes inexperienced roofing business owners expect excellence from their roofing contractors without having a thorough understanding of the installation process themselves. It's essential to have a reliable crew with an eligible roofing contractor's license, and to build a strong working relationship, holding all roofing contractors accountable for their workmanship, and provide mutual respect.

When it comes to roofing, quality workmanship is the bedrock of your business. As a roofing business owner, you must prioritize hiring skilled and experienced crew members who take pride in their craft. Don't just settle for anyone who can swing a hammer; look for individuals who are committed to delivering excellence on every job, like it was their own roofing company. Invest time and resources into training your crew to stay updated with the latest roofing techniques and safety protocols. By equipping your team with the knowledge and skills they need, you'll ensure consistent, high-quality work that stands the test of time.

Remember: the reputation of your roofing company hinges on the roofing work you deliver. Happy customers will spread the word about your exceptional work, bringing in more leads through word-of-mouth referrals. Take care of your crew, and they will take care of you and your customers.

Customer Service: Turning Clients into Advocates

Your sales team might be phenomenal, but if your after-sales service is subpar, you risk losing customers faster than a leaky roof loses water. Remember: While a stellar sales team can bring in potential clients, it's the customer service that keeps them coming back and turning them into loyal advocates for your roofing company. Make sure your team is equipped to conduct quality control inspections after every job, for both commercial and residential roofing. Communicate with your customers regularly, address their concerns, and show them that they are not just another number or another one of your roofing jobs to tick off the list. Every interaction with a customer should be treated as an opportunity to provide an exceptional experience.

When the job is complete, make it a point to conduct a thorough walk-through with the customer. Celebrate the successful completion of the project together and leave a lasting impression. Going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations will create positive reviews and testimonials, which are invaluable in building trust and credibility within the roofing company.

Efficient Business Operations: The Backbone of Your Roofing Business

Running a successful roofing company requires efficient processes and systems. From the very first interaction with the customer to the final cleanup, every aspect of your roofing services should be handled like a well-oiled machine. Set up a business plan with clear and defined processes for following up with customers, handling supplements, and communicating throughout the entire sales process. Consistency is key to measuring and improving your roofing business operations.

The success of your roofing company depends on how well you manage its operations. Efficient processes and systems will streamline your workflow, reduce errors, calculate startup costs, and enhance overall productivity. Start by analyzing each step of your roofing projects – from the initial customer interaction to project completion and beyond. Create a detailed and standardized process for conducting sales calls, roof inspections, and project and roofing materials estimations. This consistency will enable you to identify areas for improvement and ensure that every team member is on the same page, setting you up for small business success.

Moreover, use your business bank account to invest in technology and software to automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. By doing so, you'll save time and resources, allowing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your roofing business.

Financial Management: The Lifeblood of all Roofing Businesses

Many roofing business owners may shy away from numbers, but without a strong grip on your finances, your roofing business is in jeopardy.

Find a skilled bookkeeper familiar with the roofing industry and invest in tracking your financial metrics and business expenses on every job. They can help you:

  • set up a robust chart of accounts
  • accurately track expenses
  • calculate net income
  • organize business loans and liabilities
  • collect sales tax
  • prepare financial reports for the IRS
  • and more

The work of your bookkeeper is vital in providing  a clear picture of the performance of your roofing company and making informed decisions and strategizing for the future.

Profit is essential, but cash flow is critical

Financial management is the heartbeat of any successful business; without it, your roofing business just won’t survive.

Understanding the financial health of your business starts with cash flow management.

That’s where SquareDash can help. Imagine if all the money insurance companies owe you was deposited in your bank account tomorrow. What would you spend it on? How would that accelerate your growth?

If you feel stuck or like you just can’t figure out how to get through the next plateau,  can tell you first hand, cash flow is one of, if not the most important, missing piece.

Built For Roofers, By Roofers: Contact SquareDash Today for More Operations Funding Information

SquareDash is built for contractors, by contractors. We are in this business with you and understand how difficult it can be to manage your accounts payable when your operating expenses diminish your cash reserves. You need more money to make ends meet.

Our number one goal is to help you focus your cash flow so that you can actually get to profitability. Regardless of your business's financing activities, remember that you will only see growth if you focus on your cash flow.

Contact the SquareDash Sales Team at 214-740-6148 to learn more about how SquareDash can revolutionize your cash flow and account management and propel your roofing business forward.

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