Time Management Tips: Matt Fruge's Guide for Roofing Contractors

In this video, Matt Fruge, CEO of SquareDash, shares valuable insights on time management skills tailored for roofing contractors. His direct and relatable approach makes these tips a must-watch for anyone in the roofing industry looking to prioritize tasks and balance their personal life. Below is a breakdown of effective time management strategies for roofing contractors.

Matt Furge
CEO SquareDash
Intentional Time Management
The Power of Time Blocking
A Practical Daily Schedule

Final Thoughts

In addition to outlining a daily schedule, Matt also discusses the importance of utilizing digital tools to improve this time management method. He mentions the use of Google Calendar for planning and scheduling tasks: "I've blocked off repetitive activities with their own blocks on my Google Calendar... if you have Calendly or HubSpot or any of these calendar management tools, it allows people to book appointments during those free slots." This insight shows how technology can be leveraged to optimize time management in the roofing business, aiding in business processes and delegating tasks.

This approach to time management through time blocking is a valuable strategy for any roofing contractor looking to improve their efficiency and productivity. By breaking up the day into focused time blocks and using digital tools for scheduling, roofing contractors can tackle their tasks with more clarity and effectiveness, ultimately leading to a more successful and organized business operation and helping them achieve success.

For more detailed tips and insights from industry experts, visit the SquareDash blog

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Time Management Tips: Matt Fruge's Guide for Roofing Contractors

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